Poke The Guy

Tired of standard slot games? Bored of traditional table games? Well, now you can wager without playing anything like what you’ve played in the past thanks to Microgaming’s latest release. The game is called Poke the Guy, and it’s a funny, and unique online wagering game that challenges you to take out a rampaging monster that’s crashing over top of important landmarks.

The Idea Behind the Game

Poke the Guy is a unique online game that isn’t really a slot or any other traditional game. Instead, it’s an arcade-style game that has betting elements built in. Essentially you are going to be launching different objects at the monster trying to stop him once and for all. Some of these items will work and others will not, and that’s where the element of surprise and luck comes into play as you go from one round to the next in this Microgaming game.

Playing and Wagering

To play this game you need to choose a unique item to launch at the monster with every round. Different objects represent different wager amounts, so choose the object that you want to go with carefully to avoid wagering too much or too little. You’ll get to choose from things as simple and comical as a rubber ducky, to much more serious items like a vicious piranha. Choose your object carefully and hope that it hits the rampaging monster to reward you with a nice win.

Big Time Win Potential

While playing this online game it’s possible to win as much as 500x your total wager amount in one single turn. There are some positively massive prize payouts as you go from one round to the next in this game, and that means that you have a lot to gain with enough luck on your side. Play through one round to the next and eventually you could win some exceptional prizes.

Mobile Fun

This unique game is completely optimized to work on mobile devices as well. That means that you can battle The Guy while laying in bed on your smartphone or tablet, or you can bring the fun with you throughout the day after you leave home. No matter how you want to play this fun game, you’ll have options to choose from and should be able to find something that appeals to you with enough time.

Either way, when you play through rounds of Poke the Guy you’re bound to have a good time. It’s an entertaining and unique game and something that everyone playing at a Microgaming casino is going to want to test out at least once. Give this unique game a playthrough and you might find yourself coming back again and again.