Monopoly-Themed Online Slots

Monopoly is one of the oldest and best-loved board games in the world. It is amazing that it is still going strong today, many decades after it was created, and despite the advent of the internet. We may not play board games as much as we used to, but we can access Monopoly in other ways.

One way Monopoly has moved with the times is to allow the development of branded Monopoly slots based on the idea of the original game. These bring all the familiar elements of Monopoly into a slot game, while offering you a chance to win real money prizes as well.

There are lots of examples of great Monopoly-themed slots online. Among them you will find titles such as Monopoly: Big Event, which could trigger a big event for you to enjoy on the odd-numbered reels. Meanwhile, Monopoly: Bring the House Down gives us a larger game screen, but still includes all the familiar game pieces from the board game. Monopoly: Mega Movers introduces wheels to the top of the game and other features too. Finally, Monopoly: On the Money introduces lots of tasty multiplier values. You can play lots of Monopoly slots online, as you can see, and you can try them free to find out more before making proper bets, too.