Which Casino Game Has The Best Odds Of Winning?

When you set foot inside a casino, you want to maximize your odds of winning as best you can. So, it helps to know which casino games you should focus on and which ones to steer clear of. We’ve done some research in this area, and blackjack often comes up as the game with the best odds. Most people know the rules of blackjack, with the aim to try and get to 21 or to do better than the dealer.

Other games that offer good odds are craps, baccarat, and Slots. However, it is very important to check the house edge with any game you want to play. This applies to online casino games as well as those in real bricks and mortar casinos. The house edge is worked out by looking at the RTP of a game. This will be a percentage, i.e. 97.5%. This example would indicate the house edge is 2.5%. So, 2.5% of all monies taken by a machine or by a game would go to the house (the casino).

For you, a game offering 97.5% RTP would mean you could expect to get back $97.50 for every $100 you played over time. The RTP is worked out over a long period though, so you could lose more than this or come away as a winner after a short time if you’re lucky. You should also remember the best casino game is one you enjoy playing, rather than the one that automatically gives the best odds. You’re there to have fun too, remember.