Is It Easier To Win In An All Ways Pays Slot?

All ways pays – sounds like a great prospect, doesn’t it? Slot games used to have paylines and no other methods for winning prizes. However, not long ago we ended up seeing new ways to win. We were introduced to the all ways pays game – one where every possible winning combination on the reels could be expected to produce a prize.

That’s what we are going to look at here – the chance to play games that offer us just that prospect. Are they worth playing, and do they provide us with more ways to try and win prizes? If so, can we expect to win more if we play them?

You can secure prizes every single conceivable way you can imagine

The reels still come into play here, because you must get matching icons on consecutive reels for the prize to be paid. But if one appears on the first, second, third, and fourth reels, you would win the relevant prize for four matching icons, no matter where on those reels they land.

You can get far more ways to win than you can payline in the average slot

We cannot recall seeing any games with more than 100 paylines – and those are very rare. It is more common to see around 50 lines as the highest quantity of lines you can bet on.

In contrast, the smallest number of all ways pays combinations you could win with is typically 243 ways. Some games give you way more than that, with 720 or even 1,024 ways to win prizes. That sounds like a far better option to us.

The RTP is still tipped in favour of the casino

RTP refers to the return to player – the percentage the player is likely to get back after playing for a long period. Since this is always less than 100%, so the casino can make some money, you must understand these games are always going to make the casino some cash.

Of course, most slot players recognize this. You should never assume it is easier to win nice prizes with an all ways pays slot. It just means you will get a chance to win more times in every spin. You can never guarantee the outcome of any spin. However, it is nice to know you’ve got more options and it can make gameplay more exciting.