Top Trumps Football Stars Slots

You cannot fail to have noticed the World Cup is almost here once again. 2018 will be a big year for one country, but while we don’t know which team will win the competition, we do know there are lots of World Cup-themed slot games to try. It seems like every software developer has decided to create a game based around the event, and perhaps that is to be expected.

Maybe you’ve heard of Top Trumps before. If you have tried it with cards, you might be interested to try the slots version instead. It has been developed by Playtech, so that alone is a step in the right direction. You get five reels with this game, not to mention being able to place your bets on 15 paylines. Before you start, you can choose two teams to pit against each other. Various players appear in the slot, and there is a wild logo as well. Appearing in gold on a red background with gold stars involved too, you cannot miss it. Better still, five of them on a line you bet money on will bring home 10,000 coins.

There is a lot to get stuck into with this game, including some tasty bonuses. If you are looking forward to the World Cup 2018, this might be the best way to pass the time until it arrives. It will also provide entertainment between matches!