What Is A Loose Slot Machine?

Ever heard of a loose slot machine? This is a slot that produces wins more often than other Slots. Loose slots can appear in both online casinos and bricks and mortar ones. In the latter, you will spot them as the ones given prominent positions that always have players enjoying them. The casino wants to attract more players to give their machines a try. As such, someone sitting at a loose slot machine and scoring several wins – or a big win – in full view of everyone else is a great promotion for the casino. Think about it – would you try a slot game if you’d just seen someone else win big on it? Most of us would.

Loose slots are likely to be ones with higher RTPs, since these pay out a greater percentage of every dollar wagered, albeit over a long time. For example, a slot offering an RTP of 98% is looser than one offering an RTP of just 92%. So, check out the RTPs before choosing a machine.

Picking a loose slot machine might be more difficult if you are playing online games. You don’t have the chance to see what other players are enjoying… or do you? Look in the popular slots or games section to see what is in there. These are the games lots of slot players are currently enjoying, so there is a chance they might be looser than some of the rest. Check the RTP and see if there is a list of recent winners too. If you spot the same slot game coming up time and again, you’ll know it is a loose slot.