The 100K Drop Slots

Well, if 100k dropped in your lap, we're guessing you would be delighted to take it, am I right? When this game begins, you will see the 100k Drop logo appearing in front of you, together with a hint of some audience members at the front of your screen. And there is some cash flying around, so this looks to have a gameshow-style look to it.

The reels take on a modern look too, all five of them, producing images including stacks of cash, a shiny suitcase with cash locked inside, and a safe with… you guessed it… piles of cash flooding out of it. We guess the biggest question is whether any of that cash will come your way. Well, a lady appearing as the wild icon might make life easier for you if she manages to appear in the right places, but the bonus looks good too. This is a bonus word together with a red dial of some sort.

The 100k Drop slot game can take you through several rounds in the bonus feature, where you can win up to 2,000x your bet. Perhaps not 100k but depending on your bet amount and the multiplier value you win, you could still score a very nice prize here. With 20 lines to play on throughout the game, The 100k Drop is the game to try if you like the regular TV show.