Advantages Of Playing A Slot That Lets You Choose The Volatility Level

One word you will hear (or read) a lot when people are discussing slot games is volatility. The more volatile a game is, the more likely it is to go through long periods where it pays out very little. However, when it does pay out, the prizes are likely to be much bigger. The opposite of this is a low volatility slot where prizes come quite often but tend to be smaller in size.

There are some distinct advantages to playing slots with a changeable volatility level. Find out what they are here.

You can set the volatility level to suit your appetite for risk

Very few slots offer this feature, but we have encountered a few of late that do allow you to do this. There is nothing more disappointing than spotting an exciting slot game you’d like to play, only to find you don’t like the volatility level it presents you with.

High volatility players might be happy to switch to a low volatility slot for a while, but it is less likely to work out the other way around.

You can play a slot that appeals to you

How often do you encounter a slot game you like the look of, yet pass on it because the volatility level doesn’t match what you like? We tend to prefer low volatility slots, but we’ve seen some cool high volatility ones we’d love to play, yet don’t like the volatility level because it doesn’t suit us.

When you are given the chance to change the settings, you can adjust the slot to fit with your risk level. That means you can enjoy it regardless of the level it was set at to start with.

You can change the setting to suit your budget

If you have a big bankroll to work with, you may be prepared to play with a higher volatility in the hope of winning a significant sum at some point during a longer period of play. Conversely, a smaller bankroll would suit a low volatility game, since you can expect more prizes in a short time. This also relates to how long you intend to play a slot game for.

As you can see, there are some real advantages to having the chance to change the volatility level. Make sure you check out any slots that provide this feature when you see them.