Are Slot Machines Really Random?

The simple answer is yes. If you have visited a few online casinos already, chances are you may have encountered three letters - RNG. These stand for Random Number Generator. While real machines used a physical RNG in the old days, online Slots now make good use of a computerized random number generator.

Every time you spin the reels on a slot machine, you are going to get a random result. Machines at numerous casinos are regularly tested to ensure they are honest and genuine and offer a fair experience for all players. So, if a slot has a Progressive Jackpot Slots, you can in theory trigger it in one spin, or you may never trigger it. The odds of that event occurring are long, since there is one specific combination of icons that must appear in a certain way on the reels to trigger it.

Say, for example, there are 1,000 possible permutations of the icons on a game's reel set. That means the odds of getting the right one to trigger the jackpot would be 1,000 to 1. But the next spin will be just as random as the rest, thanks to the RNG that is used to ensure fairness. So, you will have long odds on winning the jackpot, but then, the next spin could be the one that does it. Since the event occurs at random, you can expect a fair chance at winning prizes whenever you play a slot.