Can You Play Free Spins And Win Real Money At Slots?

This is the Holy Grail for many slot players. Imagine being able to secure some free spins – spins that won’t cost you a cent – and using them to win real cash prizes. Is that a dream or something that could happen?

Well, there are ways you can do this, and we are about to reveal how it might happen. This isn’t a treat you will stumble across every day, but there are ways you can enjoy playing for free while claiming real prizes if you win something.

Look for a no deposit bonus deal at a casino

This is the best way to get started – especially if there are no wagering requirements to contend with. Many casinos like to reel in new players by offering them a no deposit deal. This could be a chip worth $5 or $10, for example. You can then use that chip to play some free spins on a game (or several games) to see what you can win. There might be a cap on earnings, but you still get the chance to win real cash prizes.

Play for pennies and try and win some free spins

This is a slight cheat, because you’d need to play with real cash to give yourself the chance of winning some free spins. However, we would always recommend finding slot games that do offer you the chance to win a generous amount of free spins. If you can find them, and you do win some, you can enjoy those spins in the knowledge that anything won will be in real cash.

Look out for bonus deals promoting new games

Casinos always want to invite people through their doors to play new Slots when they are released. One of the best ways they’ve found to do this is to introduce a deal whereby you can claim a few free spins to try that game. For example, you might get 25 free spins on a new slot by using the coupon code associated with that deal. These codes are usually time limited, so you must be quick to use them whenever you see them appear.

While it might seem impossible to play slots for free without wagering cash on them, you can see there are ways to get a few free games in. You need to be alert for these opportunities, but they are out there.