Are Free Spins Better Than Respins?

Every slot player loves to see free spins on offer in slot games. Just recently, we’ve noticed how many slots there are that offer respins as well. Usually, you get either one or the other, but not always.

This begs the question of whether one is better than the other, or whether there are pros and cons to each. We thought we’d try and answer that right here.

You tend to get more free spins than respins

Some games only offer five free spins when you trigger them. However, it is likely there will be a special feature available when you get such a small number. For example, each one might guarantee a win.

Many games will offer 10 or more free spins, with some offering more depending on the number of triggering symbols you find to win them. Three, four, or five scatters, for instance, might reward you with 10, 20, or 30 free games to enjoy.

Conversely, we’ve never seen more than three respins offered in a game. Very often, you may only get one.

Respins tend to be triggered more frequently

This will tip the odds in favor of the respins, won’t it? If you have played a few slots, you will notice it can take ages to trigger the free spins. Respins tend to appear far more often in comparison. You need to consider which option is best and what the odds are of gaining something from each case.

Some games offer both for the ultimate in free spins on the reels

Respins still qualify as free spins, when you think about it. When you trigger whatever is required to win you a respin or two, you are going to get that respin at no extra charge. Moreover, you often get a special feature occurring at the same time.

A good example would be a respin offered whenever a wild icon appears. We’ve played games where the triggering wild is held in place and the reels respin – sometimes up to three times. If another wild should appear anywhere, that one sticks in place as well and the whole thing begins again. As such, there is often a good chance to win some additional prizes whenever this happens.

We cannot choose between the two as there are some great slots out there with one or the other feature included in them. Which do you prefer?