Bankroll Tips

If you are going to play slot games and make bets with real cash, you should work out your bankroll ahead of time. Your bankroll is the amount of available cash you can work with. It should never be a cent more than you are happy to lose if things don’t go your way. We all hope we will end up with more than we started with – and hopefully a tidy fortune as well. However, we all need to recognize the odds of doing that are long.

A daily, weekly, or monthly bankroll?

Some people work out their bankrolls in different ways. Some like to give themselves a daily amount to work with, although this works better if you have a larger budget. Many people go for a weekly bankroll, especially if they are paid weekly and they can allocate a small amount towards gameplay. For others, a monthly budget might work better. What would be ideal for you?

Calculate how much you are happy to bet on a spin

You’ll need to fit in with the available options on whatever game you want to play. However, that game should also suit your bankroll. For example, a three-reel game allowing one cent per coin might only have one payline. That means you could bet just one cent per spin. Other games with perhaps 20 or 30 paylines may require a minimum bet of 20 or 30 cents to cover them all. We would always recommend covering all the lines, so you don’t miss any potential prizes. That means choosing a slot that allows you to make an affordable bet.

Work out how long your budget will last

Playing a penny slot with one payline will make any budget last far longer than a game with multiple paylines, even if that also offers a cent as the lowest bet you can make. A five-dollar budget will go a long way on a single-payline slot, although you can expect to get a fair few spins in on a slot with more paylines as well.

Working out all these elements ahead of playing will ensure you choose the best slot and enjoy a good time playing it. You won’t want your experience of playing slots to be over in a short time, no matter how big or small your budget is.