Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols aren't guaranteed to appear in every slot game you play. However, if you like five-reel slot games, there is a good chance you will encounter them quite often.

Scatter symbols are superb because they are more versatile than many standard symbols included in a slot game. We've highlighted three reasons why lots of players love to see them.

They can appear anywhere and still award prizes

Normally, you need to get one symbol appearing on each of the first three or more reels on a paid line to win a prize. Scatter symbols don't work this way. The name comes from the fact they can be scattered over the reels and still win you prizes.

Some games even award prizes for just two scatters appearing anywhere in a spin. Most games will award scatter prizes whenever you get three or more, which is great to know.

They often trigger bonus features

Many slot games use the scatter as a bonus trigger. It will usually need to appear at least three times for the bonus to play. This could be free spins, or another bonus that occurs on a second screen. Read the paytable to find out which rules are in place for the game you are playing.

Sometimes, you might win additional free games each time you get more scatters in a free spin. Some games even give one or two extra free games every time just one scatter appears!

They often appear on all the reels

Scatters sometimes have rules of their own. For example, one game might tell you the scatter symbol can appear on reels one, three, and five. However, they can appear in any combination of positions to win. Sometimes, they might appear stacked too.

However, lots of slot games use the scatter on every reel. That means you can get three or more anywhere and be in with a chance to win prizes in a bonus feature, if one or more are included. And if there are no bonuses, well… you still get the benefit of a scatter prize.

It's easy to see why these scatters are popular with slot players today. With so many great features to enjoy whenever they are around, you may be watching those reels very closely to see if you can b