Discover Why We Love Animal Slots So Much

How many times have you played a slot game featuring animals? Maybe you’ve encountered cute kittens or puppies or come face to face with mighty and fearsome dinosaurs from the past. Whatever the scenario, you can bet there are some great animal-themed slots around to play. But why do we love them so much?

Animals of all kinds can appear

We touched on this above. Animals pop up in lots of slots – even when those slots don’t seem to be related to one another. You could head to Africa to meet the Big Five Slots animals seen on Safari Slots. You could go to the dog pound to try and help the pooches break out. Or you could head into the depths of the forest to find some animals that don’t exist, such as unicorns.

You can play cute animal slots or horror-filled animal slots

This is one element you may not have thought of. No two animal-themed slots are ever the same. You might see cute slots with lots of pastel colors – ideal for a slot featuring puppies and kittens. But try playing a slot game based around dinosaurs and you’re going to be in for a very different experience. These slots are likely to be filled with horror and surprises – and prizes too, of course!

From cartoonish games to detailed games – there are plenty to play

Another element that changes hugely between animal-themed slots is the appearance of these games. Sometimes, you will play a game where the animals seen are drawn in cartoon style. Even when you go for a safari-themed slot, the lions and rhinos and other animals might appear as cartoons. This adds a cute element to the games. However, you might play another game based on a safari experience and see the most detailed rendering of these animals. This lends a very different experience and feel to the game, one that completely changes the way you view it. You can see there are lots of reasons why slot games featuring animals tend to be very popular. The special features and bonuses make a difference too, of course, but if you like animals it is nice to find a game you will enjoy that features them. Look around online today – you might be amazed just how many slot games feature one or more animals of one kind or another to view.