Make The Double With These Games From Microgaming

Would a slot game featuring the word ‘double’ in the title serve up double the fun, double the entertainment, and maybe even double the prizes? That’s what we were wondering when we discovered three titles in the Microgaming Slots collection featuring that very word.

So, let’s go for a Double Wammy, enjoy some Double Magic, and get a Double Dose of fun with these three.

Double Wammy

This game offers us three reels and is based on a classic format. The theme doesn’t offer us anything we haven’t seen before, but the main attraction is the Double Wammy logo featuring two diamonds. That is the one you need to find in every position on the payline to trigger the biggest prize. It is also wild with a 2x or 4x multiplier for one or two in a win.

Double Magic

Is this slot going to serve up some magic? Well, the title doesn’t seem to refer to anything much, although the main symbol of interest here is a blue star with a bolt of lightning shot through it. That would be magical to find for sure, especially if you got three on the payline. Yes, there is one line over three reels here. Those stars would reveal an 800-coin or 1,600-coin jackpot prize for one or two coins played.

Double Dose

Hmm, the mention of a dose makes us think of medicine. It turns out we’re along the right lines too, as a nurse appears here, complete with a syringe of epic proportions! This game also has just three reels and only one line, so if you like that format, these three games will be ideal to try. This one works much the same as the ones above, except here, the Double Dose logo is the one to look for. Three of those on the line is the trigger for the jackpot.

Could you double your money with one of these Microgaming slots?

It’s clear these games are for people who like to keep things simple. Classic games are great to play occasionally, and all three of these meet those requirements. Can you find a good reason to check out these games, and to try for those top prizes? You may not double your money, but if you did strike it lucky you could win hundreds of coins for your trouble. See if these games offer you double the fun today.