Penny Slots

Have you heard of penny slots? These are slot games that are designed to accept a minimum bet of just one cent – or a penny, if you prefer – on each payline. Most slots accept plenty of other bets if you prefer to play more per line, but many players love the penny slots.

There is one question though – is it truly worth playing a slot game if you are only betting that tiny amount on each line? Let’s find out.

You can still win prizes and jackpots

This is true. Most games will still grant access to all the prizes if you are only putting a cent on each line. There are some exceptions, though. For instance, you may not be allowed to play to win a Progressive Jackpot Slots if your bet is that low. In other instances, the biggest prizes are only available if you play the maximum number of coins per line, i.e. three on a single payline game rather than just one. That would mean betting three cents on the line instead, at one cent per coin.

It gives you a real-money betting experience

Let’s say you are new to playing online slot games. If so, you might be nervous of playing with real cash to start with, even though you would like to. If you start with the lowest bet you can possibly make, at one cent per line, you know you will only be wagering a few cents on each spin.

If you pick a single payline game, you’re betting a cent per spin. If you find a five-reel game with, say, 10 lines, you’re betting 10 cents per spin. You get the idea.

It makes your budget last a lot longer

Even if you only have five dollars to spend on playing a slot game, it’s going to last far longer if you only wager a cent on each line. If you want to bet, say, five dollars per spin, well… you know you will only get one spin at that rate.

As you can see, there are good reasons to play at this penny slot level. Lots of players still enjoy the thrill of trying to win prizes, not to mention doing so at certain intervals. For some, it’s about the fun and the chance to win, rather than winning a huge amount while playing.