How Many Coins Should You Play Per Line If You Get A Choice?

Not all slot games allow you to play more than a single coin on each payline. However, some do – especially three-reel Slots. You might also find some five-reel games that allow up to 10 coins on each available payline. So, that begs the question of how many coins you should wager with each spin. Let’s consider the elements in play here.

Check the available coin values

These slots tend to offer a selection of coin values to play with. The only exceptions tend to be slots with a Progressive Slots jackpot available. Some three-reel games allow only a single coin value, i.e. $1.50 a go. You then need to think about whether you can afford to bet more than one coin per line, or whether to find another more affordable game to play.

Maximum coin bet can lead to bigger prizes

This holds true regardless of the coin values. For example, let’s say you have found a three-reel game with one, two, or three coins available to wager on just one line. The prizes can vary depending on how many coins you play. Sometimes, this applies to all the prizes. For instance, the lowest-value prize might be two, four, or six coins awarded for one, two, or three coins bet. The jackpot usually varies according to the coins you have wagered, too. So, you can win more if you bet three coins – even if you keep the values low each time.

Three coins can give you a shot at a progressive jackpot

Not all games have a progressive jackpot. However, some slots – especially three-reel ones – require the player to wager the maximum number of coins on the payline to try and win the pot. Sometimes, you need to bet the maximum amount as well, so do check on that. Of course, you always need to bet within your budget. Don’t wager anything you would be unhappy to lose. Remember, playing for fun and entertainment is the main thing here – and yes, you do get the chance to win prizes as well. But make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Your budget is always the most important thing to keep in mind when you are looking at how many coins to wager on a slot game. If you start from this point, you will understand how to make the most of your time spent playing slots.