TV Themed Slots

Slots based on TV shows were always going to be a big hit, weren’t they? There are lots of fun games around too. There is even a chance you might play a good slot and then think about watching the television program that inspired it! Hey, stranger things have happened…

But why are these slots among the most popular ones around today? Let’s find out, shall we?

Players already know roughly what to expect

If you like to watch Game of Thrones, you’re going to know the characters involved, the different houses, and the storyline. So, when you load the 243-ways to win Game of Thrones online slot game, you know you’ll see some familiar things there.

These slots still pack in lots of surprises of course, but that feeling of knowing what might be coming is a great one to have when you start playing.

These slots draw in an audience that already loves the TV show

If you’re a fan of Baywatch, or The Sopranos, or Battlestar Galactica, or Wheel of Fortune, you’re going to be interested in the slot games based around those programs. Even if you haven’t played slots before, you might decide to try it if there is a game based around that show.

Many slots can be played just for fun too, so they’re great for adding some entertainment into the mix.

Bonus features tend to be based on elements of the show

Lots of slots are designed to prove an innovative and different experience to keep you coming back for more. The Six Million Dollar Man game from Playtech includes a Bionic Spin Button and Bionic Free Games. The free games see you trying to collect the various bionic parts of Steve Austin to get more free games and wilds.

Meanwhile, the Baywatch slot has wild waves, lifeguard pairs that can boost prizes, and two lifeguards to determine the outcome of the free spins feature. These relatable elements occur in most TV-themed slots, too.

It doesn’t matter which TV show you love. Chances are there could be a good slot game out there based on it. There are many more than you’d think, and they’re based on both modern and classic TV shows too. That’s another perk to playing slots – you never know which TV program will be chosen for the next TV-themed slot game to be released.