How to Play Progressive Jackpots

Do you love progressive jackpot slots? Lots of people do, although they may not appeal to everyone. Who wouldn’t want the chance to try and win a life-changing amount by playing a slot game though?

If you haven’t tried these games yet and you want to see what they’re like, there are a few things you should remember. Read through the following points and you’ll be good to go.

Read the rules first

Some slots only allow players to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot if they make the maximum bet on each spin. If that’s the case, the game might be priced out of your budget. Look for slots where you can make any bet and still get a chance to win. There are lots of games that allow you to bet any size wager per spin and still be in with a shot at winning the jackpot.

How many progressive jackpots are there?

Why go for just one when you could have several to look for? The more progressive jackpots there are, the more interesting things get! You will usually see them named too, so they are easy to tell apart. How about a midi, mini, minor, and major jackpot opportunity, for example?

These games might have a special bonus feature which, when unlocked, gives you a chance to play for one of the four jackpots, or however many are involved. If you get a chance to play that, get ready for some excitement!

The jackpot should be viewed as an additional prize with long odds

We are always reading about people who are excited to have won major slots jackpots. The Mega Moolah game is one of the most famous, where there is usually a mega amount of money to be won as the progressive jackpot creeps ever higher. A jackpot could mean a prize of several hundred dollars, or maybe several thousand. It might also mean a prize that could be worth six or seven figures. Imagine that!

Of course, the odds on winning a progressive jackpot are long. As such, these slots should be viewed in much the same way you would look at any others. Just remember the jackpot amount is a prize available in addition to those on the paytable. It’s nice to know you have a chance to win, but who knows if you will?