Why Are Slot Prizes Awarded In Credits?

Have you ever noticed how prizes are awarded in slot games? If you look at the average paytable, you will usually see credit wins offered for each winning combination of icons. For example, you might see 20 credits offered for three matching icons, 100 credits for four, and 250 credits for five.

But why do most slots prefer to use credits rather than showing actual coin amounts you could win?

They work for all currencies

Imagine if a software developer had to create every slot game they made to accommodate all the conceivable currencies it could be used with. Dollars, pounds, euros… everything would need to be shown.

With credits, they work no matter what you bet with. That means the same game can be created faster and more easily, and everyone understands how credits work.

You can simply multiply the credit win by the bet you made

Let’s say you bet a cent on each line you play. Let’s also say you win a line prize worth 200 credits. That means you’ve won two dollars. You simply multiply your line prize by the line bet you made. So, if you had wagered $10 on the line, you would still multiply it by 200 credits. This time, you’d win more - $2,000, since you’d wagered far more money on the line when you won the prize.

The game will reveal what the jackpot is in credits too

We can see credits make life easier for software companies, but they make life easier for you as well. Many games begin by displaying a screen that tells you how much you could win at most from the game. This might refer to the jackpot, or the amount you could win from any single session playing the game.

For example, you might get a maximum of 2,220,000 credits to win. The amount this equates to would depend on how much you bet on each line in your own currency. But just as you worked out the multipliers above, you can work out the figures this way as well.

Credits are the currency of most slot games. True, some do show dollar amounts in the paytable, and these will change depending on the amount you are betting on each line. But most choose to go with credits and it is easy to see why. Do you agree with credits as the currency of slots?