Multipliers In Slot Games

Anyone who has played a few slot games will know about multipliers. They crop up in lots of slots – although not all – and can appear in both three-reel and five-reel slots, as well as those using other formats.

If you haven’t encountered them before now, here are some crucial facts you should know about them.

They can be attached to wild symbols

Wild symbols are useful in themselves, since they substitute for many other symbols used in slot games. However, sometimes those wilds can have multipliers attached as well. For example, if you win a line prize or cluster prize with one or more wilds involved, it might mean you get a 2x or 3x multiplier applied to the usual prize amount. Occasionally, two wilds with multipliers may have their multiplier values multiplied by each other, if that makes sense! That means an even bigger prize is on the way.

They often crop up in free spins

Lots of free spins features – we’d guess at the majority here – do feature a multiplier of one size or another. Sometimes, you might get a random multiplier applied per spin. If you win one or more prizes on that spin, the relevant multiplier is applied. Sometimes, you’ll get wilds appearing that have one of three multipliers attached, for example. If so, and if a wild helps you win something, the relevant one boosts your prize.

They can vary in size

We’ve seen this already. Some games only have a single multiplier that sometimes comes into play. However, others like to perk things up a bit. For example, some games feature winning combinations that vanish or explode to be replaced by others. Whenever this occurs, you generally move up to the next level in a scale of multipliers. The more consecutive wins you achieve, the higher the multiplier goes for each one.

You can probably see just how useful multipliers can be. You can never count on their presence, but even a 2x multiplier can enhance the prizes you might win in a game. Sometimes, you’ll see much bigger ones in play. It might be worth looking at the details for a game before you play, so you can see whether there are any involved. You might be surprised at how useful and exciting they are to have around. Have you ever won more than you bargained for with multipliers?