Is The Day Of The Standard Three-Reel Slot Game Over?

You don’t need to look too far nowadays to find lots of impressive five-reel slot games to play. With 3D elements, lots of bonus features, assorted icons on each reel, different ways to win, free spins… phew, it’s no wonder we love them.

But where does that leave the three-reel slots of old? You know the ones – they are packed with cherries, melons, and other fruits, and often have just one payline. Do these games still have a place in the world of modern slot games?

There is a huge audience for the so-called classic three-reel game

We shouldn’t forget there are lots of players who love the classic one-armed bandit machines. The online versions are arguably just as entertaining as the real ones. Since they’re more accessible than the real ones, you can play them from home whenever the mood strikes. It’s no big surprise to learn lots of people love them still.

These games can still have special symbols and elements involved

Did you think all the three-reel games were only able to offer standard prizes? Think again. While the scatter is rarely visible because there isn’t enough room for it, you will often see a wild icon in play. This is useful in just the same way it is in the regular game. Additionally, you might just get a multiplier in play with that wild. How about a x2 or x4 boost to your prize, or maybe even more? You just never know with these games.

Pick the right game and you may just find the odd bonus game too

If you thought all three-reel games were much the same, think again. We’ve come across some games that have bonus elements in them as well. One of the best examples is Turkey Time, a three-reel game that looks much like any other casino slot. However, this one includes a second-screen bonus that appears where the paytable usually does, above the reels. Just one turkey on reel three triggers a pick-me game for a nice prize. How cool is that?

You can see it doesn’t pay to assume these games are always the same. They don’t all include lots of fruit from cherries to melons, they can put a different spin on some cool themes too. The three-reel slot is here to stay, and it comes in new formats all the time.