Summon and Conquer Slots

The title image for this new PG Soft slot game shows you only those words… along with a sharp-looking dagger. The writing is old-style too, so are we heading into the past to play this slot? It does look as though we are going into a fantasy land where battles are taking place. There are five reels here, but there are various other elements involved in the game too. Be warned – this is no ordinary slot game.

Summon and Conquer is based on the legend of King Arthur. But that is just the beginning. You can collect cards as you go through the game. Moreover, you will also access bonus arenas where battles are set to take place. There is a treasure chest involved too, which may just be opened in your presence.

This game boasts 20 paylines. We would recommend you read all the instructions for this one before you play. In fact, play it for fun first, as this is quite unlike anything else we have seen. With a battle feature, free spins, and the chance to turn your cards into cash prizes, the Summon and Conquer slot game offers far more to the average player than you would believe.