Play 3 Charms Crush Slots

Some slot games are released with very odd titles. 3 Charms Crush could qualify as one of those, for sure. As the game gets underway, we see the title overlaid on a charming background. It’s not packed with detail, but we can see green fields, a windmill, and blue sky. That bodes well for a bright slot, but it doesn’t tell us much about the title or the theme.

You will soon see a few bouncy creatures that look rather like Pokemon or something similar. This low-volatility game provides us with a 5 x 5 grid in which the creatures will appear. This grid has multiplier values worth 1x to 5x at the sides. You’ll also see a chart on the right, showing the prizes available for three, four, or five of each of the three creatures.

The idea is to try and score as many wins by matching the creatures on each spin. It’s easy to see when you manage this, as the creatures will react, and the relevant prizes are highlighted on the chart. If you get a big win, you will know all about it! The numbers to the sides of the reels indicate the multiplier that would be applied if you scored a win on that line. 3 Charms Crush is still a strange title, in our opinion, but we can see how three or more matching icons would indeed be a charm in this game.