Have we Seen the Last of the Marvel Comics Slots?

The New York Times has reported that it may be the end of the road for Marvel Comic slots as it seems that all current deals in place may not be renewed. Marvel slots such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four and X-Men have proven to be extremely popular with players around the world, however due to the takeover of Marvel Comics by Disney in 2009 and Disney's image of a family entertainment company, then all ties with gambling, both online and offline may be cut.

Disney paid $4.4 Billion to acquire Marvel Comics and this deal included all rights of character use, however Disney has stated that Marvels association with slots is an unwanted part of that deal. Disney has for many years stood against casino gambling and a reporter from the NY Times obtained a statement from a Marvel spokeswoman when questioned regarding Disney's connection to the gambling industry through the deal with Marvel. In the statement is stated that, "Marvel had signed its last machine deal." It also said that the company wanted to rid itself of all connections to gambling, and of course this means no more Marvel slots. Regarding online slots then Playtech look set to miss out most and have had a licensing agreement in place with Marvel for some time now, however it is not only slots that will be affected as every connection to gambling will undoubtedly come under the spotlight.