Witch’s Brew Brings Spooky, Seasonal Fun

Many people love the time of year when the days become a bit shorter and the crisp snap of autumn is in the air, and Witch’s Brew Slot is the perfect addition to anyone’s autumnal traditions. Offering colorful graphics and creepy music, this slot will keep any player spinning the reels. In fact, many gamblers will find that the fun on the screen is comparable to the big bag of goodies that many children enjoy collecting. The fun doesn’t even have to stop once the weather turns cold, however; players around the world will also find two more new RTG two releases in the near future with Snowmania, a perfect match for the upcoming holiday season, and Sweet 16 Slots, another option to keep players spinning the reels.

Ghosts, Goblins and Things that Go Bump in the Night

Witches Brew has five reels and 25 paylines of symbols that depict a boiling cauldron, jars of eyeballs and black cats. The Witch’s Wild symbol can replace any payline icon on the board and brings a 2X multiplier that can greatly increase the amount of almost winnings in the game. Witch’s Brew keeps the symbols within the parameters of the theme, and does not use the more common ace, king, queen and jack icons that some companies use to decrease the amount of time needed to create a game. The graphics that make up the game have more of a cartoon feel, making it appropriate for fans who prefer to take advantage of the great theme without encountering violent imagery on the screen.