New Mult-Hand Blackjack

Realcasinoslots has introduced a number of new games and one of the highlighted games is the multi hand blackjack. This game is available at the downloadable casino, at the instant casino and at the mobile casino. As long as the player has an internet connection he will be able to enjoy this new game that offers players much more than just one game.

What Multi-Hand Blackjack is All About

The multi-hand Blackjack game allows for players to place up to three bets on three different hands of cards at once. At the beginning of the game the player chooses the number of hands that he wants to play and also chooses the betting coin size. The player then places his initial bet known as the ante and he is dealt two cards for each hand that he has chosen to play. The dealers cards are also dealt but one is face up and one is face down. At this stage the player needs to decide how he wants to proceed and he should definitely choose his strategy based on the cards that he is holding in each hand and the show card of the dealer.

The Different Options of Multi-Hand Blackjack

The player can choose individual actions for each of the hands that he is holding. He can choose to Hit i.e. take another card, he can choose to stand, he can choose to split the cards if they are the same value in one hand or he can choose to double down. A double down is when the player believes that one more card will win him the hand, this is in addition to an extra bet of the same value as his initial bet. There are two more options that the player can opt for; insurance and surrender. The play may opt for insurance on one or more of his hands if the dealers show card is an Ace. In this case the player places an additional amount in insurance equal to his bet and if the dealers other card is a face card the player does not lose his whole bet. The player may also choose to surrender on some of his hands because he does not believe that he can win the hand and in this case he only loses half of his bet for that hand. Any or all of the options can be applied to any of the hands and this gives the player a chance to win more and get more chances in the game of Blackjack with more than one hand. It is fun and exciting and gets the Adrenalin going to be able to juggle the different hands and this is one of the best ways to enjoy Blackjack online and now it is readily available at the Realcasinoslots. com casino.