Numbers are Everywhere at Casino

Numbers are used in everything and the casino games are no exception at Slots.LV casino that has a wonderful choice of casino games all related to numbers, numbers that interact and numbers that stack. Every game is based on luck with a little bit of skill adding to the chances of the player.The games can be tried out before the player places a bet and this gives him the advantage of being able to get to know the game.

Suduko Games

Most people think of Suduko as the game for newspapers and magazines but has proved that it is also a very exciting online casino game that can be played. It is similar to slots with players being able to bet single coins and up to five coins per spin. The highest jackpot of 50000 coins is awarded when players land all nine numbers in a row as long as they have placed a five coin bet.

Bingo Games

Bingo is a classic numbers game. There are so many different versions of Bingo available online and at casino players can choose one of the eleven different versions of this game where numbers are selected at random and the player tries to fill in his Bingo card with the numbers. There are classic American Bingo games to choose from, European games and also a special Amazonia game. Players can play more than one Bingo card at a time giving them more chances to win and more enjoyment at the same time. The Bingo games can only be played as real money games.

Keno Games

Keno is an ancient Chinese game that is set on a board of 80 numbers. Players choose up to 15 numbers and then wait patiently as the computer churns out twenty numbers and the player hopes for matches. The more matched numbers the player receives the greater payout he receives in the end. Keno used to be played as a side game at the casinos but in recent years it has become more popular as a regular numbers game that is based on luck.

Roulette Games

Roulette for many is the classic casino game. Set on a plush green betting grid and with an elegant wooden wheel the player can place inside and outside bets. The inside bets are bets on single numbers, numbers side by side, three in a row or four in a grid. Outside bets are bets on groups of numbers such as all even or all odd numbers, all red numbers and so on. The wheel is spun and the outcome of the game is determined once the ball has come to land in one of the numbered pockets of the wheel. Over the years a number of variations of Roulette have been created including the American and European Roulette games. American Roulette has a single zero pocket and a double zero pocket whereas European Roulette only has a single zero pocket. At the casino players have a choice of Roulette games to play.

Sevens and Bars Slots

This is a classic slots game with three paylines and lots of sevens appearing on the screen. Players are able to place single coin bets, two coin bets or three coins per bet. There are red white and blue 7's on the screen and the highest payout is awarded for the logo appearing on the payline with a maximum coin bet, awarding the player 2500 coins. Number games are not intimidating, they are rewarding and enjoyable with plenty of options to choose from at the casino.