4 Top-Quality BetSoft Slots to Enjoy

Think of names of some of the biggest gaming companies around today and we bet you'll come up with BetSoft as one of them. This should definitely be the case because they have created some truly memorable slot games.

If you're new to playing slots online, and you've only just realized there are plenty of different gaming companies out there, allow us to lead you into the world of BetSoft. You may not want to come out for a while!

The Tipsy Tourist

The great name for The Tipsy Tourist slots is only the beginning. It is an enjoyable game too, with wild symbols, five reels, twenty paylines and scatter symbols as well. The 3D game is very well put-together, and you can also try to unlock the drinking bonus round. There are also free spins available and you might also use the gamble feature if you like.

A Christmas Carol

Released, as you'd guess, in time for Christmas, this video slot uses the Dickens story to capture your imagination. It does very well too, using the 3D format to create a stunning gaming experience. The detail in A Christmas Carol game is just as good as you would expect from BetSoft - if not better.

Alkemor's Tower

This dramatic game is quite stunning and again, the graphics almost reveal to you this is a BetSoft game. You can cast spells and look for free spins to play on the second screen too. A staircase goes up each side of the screen, showing the reels in the middle. Alkemor himself is on the reels, and there are various books and spells to watch out for as well. You could end up with lots of wilds on the screen at the same time if you're lucky.

Captain Cash

Might you have an idea about the theme for this slot already? It's easy to work out - we're in store for a pirating theme! This is a more basic game in terms of reels (three) and paylines (five) but despite that it is very well put-together. Look out for the wilds as they could help multiply a win at Captain Cash Slots.

Check out some great BetSoft slots today

When you have so many BetSoft slots to choose from, it's no wonder choosing can sometimes be hard. However, when you realize just how much they have to offer, you can end up having a superb time with every slot you play.