Which Casino Games Rule the Roost in Different Countries?

Head to Las Vegas and it won't surprise you to see hundreds of players trying their luck on the slot machines in every casino. Slots aren't just popular online; the original games are doing great in Vegas too.

Over in France, it's no surprise to discover roulette is the game of choice. That's because the game was invented there. Even though twists on the original have been created in other countries, the French still lead the way in playing roulette. Meanwhile, baccarat is a popular choice for those in Macau. Of course, players around the world play all these games, but it's interesting to know where these games lead the way.

If you've never heard of pokies, you haven't been to Australia. That's the game of choice there, and the term is used to describe fruit machines. These could be slots and other similar games, and they are often seen in pubs, clubs and other public locations. Which games are most popular in the country you live in?