Does coffee really make the gambler?

From Arabica to the Robusta bean, most people have their favorite brand of a cup of joe, in fact several cups of joe that they enjoy, morning, day and night. Since coffee has such an impact on our lives, it should come as no surprise that our coffee habits shape our lifestyles, one of which, includes gambling. Take cappuccino for example. Cappuccino drinkers are associated as high energy people with a propensity to freely will and deal when it comes to gambling, with strong levels of luck. Cappuccino drinkers' energy is so contagious, that their energy has no choice but to rub off on the other players around the table. Not taking gambling too seriously, cappuccino drinkers come alive for the sheer thrill of gambling, and they don' think twice about putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to playing high end betting.

And then there's the caffe latte crowd. Because the caffe latte has become synonymous with class and sophistication, its only natural that caffe latte drinkers naturally gravitate to the trending and popular casino titles. Coming to win, caffe latte gamblers take an intellectual approach to gambling, even studying up on the art of gambling to increase their chances of success. Not too concerned about losing money, caffe latte lovers are confident that they'll at least win their money back from their gambling overtures.

While caffe latte drinkers are laid back, espresso drinkers tend to be quite the opposite when playing. Unafraid of risking it all, espresso drinkers play for all the marbles and don't believe in folding. And when it comes to slot titles, espresso fans wager the grand max with reckless abandon. Espresso drinkers are masters of the bluff when it comes to poker and other table games. Caffe mocha lovers are mild and are just entering the world of organized gambling. Highly cautious to the point of timid, mocha drinkers tend to steer towards low limit games so that they're guaranteed not to loose too much if things don't go their way.

And while most prefer to take their coffee hot, iced coffee drinkers are just the opposite of cafe mocha drinkers. Unlike the mocha crowd who plays not to lose, the iced coffee drinkers know their way around a casino, and have learned to trust their gut feelings. Confident to the point of arrogant, iced coffee drinkers are experts at reading bluffs, and as a result they often prove the victor with several jackpots to show for it. And for those who take their coffee straight up black, chances are you're a hardcore gambler who's in it to win it. You work on your craft and no doubt have a strategy that influence your playing decisions. Ruthless, black coffee drinkers could care less about the others at the table, and thus they don't make many mistakes. So the next time you sit with your preferred cup of joe, ask yourself, what does my taste in coffee say about my gambling habits and style?