U-Spin Roulette from Scientific Games

Scientific Games are always surprising their players and followers with more and more innovations and systems to help the player and encourage him. The latest invention that Scientific Games has produced under the Bally interactive label is the U-Spin Roulette button. Roulette is an ancient game that dates back to the 17th Century when the fascination of a French man by the name of Blaise Pascal led to him creating the original game of Roulette. Pascal was fascinated with the perpetual motion of a ball in a moving sphere and from this the game of Roulette was created with its 36 and 37 pockets of red and black and a separate green pocket. Players place bets on where they think the ball will come to land, the player can place single bets on single numbers of he can place multiple bets on groups of numbers or individual numbers.

How the U-Spin Works

The U-spin created by Scientific gaming is an ingenious idea. Instead of the ball being sent into the rotating wheel the player can control when the ball is sent into the sphere once his bets have been placed. The player holds the U-spin or it sits close to him on the Roulette betting grid. The dealer places the ball in a special box and the player decides when to release the ball into the turning sphere. In addition to one ball, the U-spin can take up to three balls at once for players that are betting on repeats where more than one ball may be used and different variations of Roulette. After centuries of not really being able to take part in this classic casino game, Scientific Gaming have created a concept and system that allows the player to feel much more involved in the game and really be a part of Roulette.