3 Lucky Slot Games to Try

If there is one thing everyone wants to be in relation to online slots, it’s lucky. We are right, aren’t we? The luckier you are, the bigger the prizes you might potentially win. With progressive jackpots, bonus rounds and free spins all up for grabs (depending on the games you play) you can look forward to testing your own luck to see how much you have!

But you can also find some online slots that use the word luck in the title. We’ve unearthed three of them here. How many have you already played? And how many might you head out to play once you’ve read about them below?

Lucky 6

This game offers you ten lines and six reels. This is quite an unusual combination, but it does fit in with the name of the game – at least as far as the six part is concerned. You can potentially win up to $33,000 on this game, and although there are no bonus levels, you could put a number of scatter symbols together to spell LUCKY6 across your reels for a fabulous prize.

Lucky 8

Despite the similarity of the name compared to the game above, Lucky 8 is created by NetEnt. It also uses fruit as the theme. There are nine reels in action here, and a grid that reveals a 3x3 formation. Maybe it should really be called Lucky 9 instead! However, as you will see, you can find the number 8 repeated through the game. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese lore, and you’ll hope it will be lucky here, with prizes including an 88x multiplier for five scatters.

Lucky Tiger

Would you feel lucky if you found yourself face to face with a tiger? Maybe not in real life, but in this game you’ll want to see the tiger, as he is the substitute. Eights feature pretty highly here too, especially as five tigers on a payline you’ve wagered money on can win you 5888 times your bet.

Get into the lucky theme today

Luck is a feature of every online slot, even if it doesn’t always go your way. However, as you can see, in these particular games luck features heavily in one way or the other. All you have to do now is to see whether you can make the luck flow in your direction when you pick one of these games to try. Good luck!