All American Video Poker Added to Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots

Think of any online casino and your first thought may well be of the various slot games that will be available there. But of course it's not all about slots - many casinos also offer a wide range of great table games, not to mention video poker.

And this month there's a brand new poker game coming to Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino . If you're a member of either of these, take a fresh look at the sites now to see the addition of the brand new All American video poker game on offer. And if you're not a member, what better time could there be to join than now?

What's the basis of this new game?

This version of video poker is based on the popular Jacks or Better game. However, there is a twist! The pay table has also been completely revised, as you'll see when you try the game for size, and the payouts are better too.

How much do you need to bet to start playing the game?

All American video poker has a great low-value bet amount for those on smaller budgets. You can get started by wagering just 25 cents per hand. This is a single-hand video poker game too, so it's a good one for newbies to the game to try. There's even a chance to double your winnings whenever you play a hand. Who wouldn't be tempted to give that a try?

If you want to bet a higher amount than one quarter, you can go all the way up to a maximum bet of fifty dollars.

What is the biggest prize you could win?

The jackpot here is won with a Royal Flush. This could win you anything from 250 credits to a mammoth 1,250 credits. However, the prizes start with Jacks or Better, which returns from one to five credits depending on how many credits are played. Check out the pay table to see which other poker hands could win you money, from a full house to four-of-a-kind and through to the top Royal Flush.

Head on over to Lincoln Casino or Liberty Slots today and play All American video poker now!

These two online casinos are both hosting this brand new game, so visit one of them today to see whether it could be a lucky new game for you - not to mention a great introduction to online poker!