What is a Video Slot?

What is a Video Slot?
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No doubt you have heard of video slots. There are thousands of them available to play online today, so it’s worth finding out as much as you can about them if you’re interested in playing.

We’ve highlighted the main points below, so you can work out what’s on offer. Will video slots be your favorite games to play?

They typically have five reels

Most video slots have five reels. Some might have one or two more than that. These may be included as part of the main reel set or provided as a bonus reel off to one side. The increase in reels means you get more going on with each spin. The reels will usually have three or four icons present on each one.

You can bet money on multiple paylines

More reels mean a lot more potential to play on lots of paylines. You might play games with 20, 25, 30, 40, and even 50 paylines present. A few games have upped that to 100 paylines, though these are few and far between.

The more paylines you have, the more you’ll need to wager per spin to cover the lot. However, each one represents a chance to win on each spin. You need to find a game that allows you to make a comfortable bet and still cover all the lines.

They tend to include various special features

This is the most attractive part of a five-reel video slot game. You will get the chance to win free spins, play on-reels bonuses, picking bonuses, and second screen bonus features as well. Different games include different mixes of some or all these elements.

These features keep things interesting when you’re playing a slot game. It’s easy to become bored spinning the same reels time and again. When you know you could spin a bonus feature into action on any spin, it does make life more exciting.

If you are interested in playing a few video slots, it’s worth knowing many of them have a demo mode available. This allows you to play as if you were making real bets on the reels. It also means you can enjoy some entertainment while deciding whether to place real bets on the game instead.

Most software developers create five-reel video slots, so make sure you check out as many as you can. You may find some favorites in there.

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