Movie-Themed Slots

Which movies would you count as your favorites? There are plenty to choose from, but you never know which slot games will be just as good as the movies they are based on. There are lots you could try, but we thought we’d give you just three highlights here. If you want to sit back and play some slots with popcorn beside you, these three games might just fit the bill.

Jurassic Park

This is the original, and some would say the best film (and slot, too). Look out for Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and other stars from the movie appearing alongside various Dinosaur Slotss. Microgaming Slots has done an excellent job with this one, giving us a T-Rex Slots Alert Mode with 35 additional wilds spinning into view on the reels.

That’s just the start too. There are five different varieties of free games on offer in Jurassic Slots Park, each relating to a different dinosaur. You get to enjoy different features in each one as well.


Yes, the sequel to the original horror starring Sigourney Weaver. Developed by NetEnt and released as an official tie-in game, the Aliens slot features just one special symbol – a wild logo showing the name of the corporation appearing in the film.

Once the multiplier meter is complete, you will play through three levels of an adventure. This takes you through the search, the encounter, and the hive. Will you be brave enough and successful enough to make it through to the end? This is a demanding bonus but one that could last for a while if you manage to survive through these levels. It makes for a different slot game we think you will enjoy.


Arguably one of Sylvester Stallone’s best movies, Rocky follows the story of a boxer. That story continued through several sequels, but this game focuses on the first one.

The presentation is quite basic, but you do get the American flag used on the letters that spell out ROCKY. Rocky himself appears as the wild, and there are boxing gloves involved here too. Your task is to find a white glove on the first reel and a red one on the fifth. This gets you through to 10 rounds of boxing with Rocky. The more rounds he wins, the better your cash prize will be once the feature is over.