Roll the Dice

Have you discovered the intriguing new dice game known as Roll the Dice? It's also known as Fish-Prawn-Crab. This popular casino table game is gaining ground in many countries, though it's been hot in countries like China and Vietnam for years. It's new here, and it's very exciting.

How It's Played

The heart of the game involves three dice. In place of the typical dots players know, the sides of the dice have a fish, prawn, rooster, crab, coin, triple, and calabash. Like Craps, you're betting on which symbols will appear in the roll. You might bet on one of the symbols showing up on two of the dice (2:1), getting a three of a kind on your roll (3:1), or getting one of the symbols you bet on (1:1). Pick the Triple on a max bet and win $15,000.

Start with the lower bets. As you get used to the symbols, payout structure, and way the game works, take more of a risk. You may have to roll the dice a few times before the big payouts hit, but they'll come in time.

Give it a Whirl

Try your luck at Roll the Dice. If you like Craps, you'll love this casino game. If you've never tried slots, this is a great introduction. Play today.