Animal-Themed Slots

Animal-Themed Slots
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We’ve seen bears, we’ve seen wolves. We’ve even encountered dinosaurs, and plenty of them too. Then there are lions and tigers, and cats and dogs. Whatever animal you can think of, we’ve come face to face with them.

Don’t worry though – we’re not referring to real animals, as you might have guessed from the inclusion of dinosaurs. Instead, we’re talking about animals seen in assorted online slot games. Animal-themed slots have always been popular, and there are lots of them to look for too.

We’ve put together some handy tips to help you find them.

Check your favorite online casinos

It doesn’t matter whether you have joined one casino or several – chances are one or more of them will have a few animal slots you could try. Some allow you to search for games on a set theme, while others allow for more general searches.

If they list games in alphabetical order, watch out for ones that start with the word ‘Animal’. You could also search for animal names – there is a Lion’s Lair slot, for example.

Search for animal slots on your favorite search engine

Once you’ve exhausted the possibilities at your casinos, you should start looking further afield. It’s easy to find animal slots via a search engine. We searched for ‘animal slot games’ and got over a million results, not to mention images that revealed some good games to play.

And again, you could search for slot games based around a certain animal. If you look for dinosaur-themed slots, you’ll always find lots of great titles to try.

Look for games created by a popular provider

You could also look for the official websites for some software developers. For example, if you look up Microgaming, Betsoft, or Pragmatic Play, you can find out more about their game collections. In doing so, you can scan their game lists and see how many include animals in some way.

Animal-themed slots may not sound like the most entertaining games you could play, but you’d be surprised how many of them are excellent. Many feature bonus elements, free spins, wilds, and so on, and there are a lot of wild lions out there! Ranging from fearsome lions to cutesy kittens, you’ll never run short of animal slots to play. That’s half the fun, once you have hunted them down and found some great animal slot games to try.

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