Best Ghostly Games

Boo! Okay, so that wasn't exactly frightening. But we've played plenty of great Halloween Slots-themed slots that have ranged from cartoonish to real scary. It takes more than the odd vampire or ghost to frighten us though!

That's why we thought we'd give you some suggestions on how to find some ghostly games to try this Halloween. Yep, that means slots that include ghosts - whether they are friendly or not. Are you ready to explore?

Visit casinos you're already a member of

They always say you should start with what you know, and it applies just as much here as anywhere else. In the weeks leading up to October 31st, you can expect most if not all casinos to add some new Halloween slots into the mix. They will also highlight existing games you can play. They might even include special deals and promotions that give away free spins or deposit bonuses if you play them. Isn't that great?

Search for ghost-themed games online

If you like your Halloween games to feature ghosts, look for games with that theme. It's easy to do - just search for 'ghost slot games' or 'ghost slots' or something similar and see what you can find. The best-known search engine should produce some useful links, so you can see which software providers have games that could fit the bill.

Search for games with Halloween in the title

This is another version of the search task you'll do if you follow the above suggestion. Here, you can search for Halloween games and see what appears. You could also search including the name of a favorite provider. Try Betsoft, Microgaming, NextGen Gaming, Pragmatic Play… any provider will do. Even if you find a game by a software developer you haven't heard of, you will probably find you can try the game in demo mode with fun money before playing for real. That's the best way to check out a new game you're unfamiliar with.

So, does that help you if you want to go in search of a ghost-themed game this Halloween? It should, and it might also help if you like these games anyway. Some horror-themed games also feature ghosts, so you might like to search for those as well. You never know what might turn up if you do. You might just be on your way to a sensational selection of prizes.