2UP Game

NFL games start with a coin toss. Flipping a coin is a standard way to double your cash on a video slot. It's also a popular way to reach a decision. Tossing a coin is also the key to a very easy game that's completely based on luck. Have you heard of the 2Up game? Here's what you need to know about this game.

How It's Played

In the game 2Up, two coins are tossed on the air. Players bet against each other based on how the coins will land. The person who tosses the coins can also place bets against a player. You want to match your bet of heads or tails to the way the coins land. If the coins land so that one is face up and the other is face down, the coins are gathered and tossed again.

If you've bet on heads and both coins land face down, you lose and the other player gets the money. If you've bet heads and both coins land face up, you win your bet back and the other player's bet.

There Are Rules That Must Be Followed

For a coin toss to count, there are certain rules the person tossing the coins has to follow. The coin must go higher than his/her head. If it doesn't, the toss won't count. While in the air, the coins must flip at least once.

Lingo Used in 2Up

There are specific terms used in 2Up. Knowing the lingo can help you out if you're playing the game in a crowd.

The coins sit on a piece of wood that's called a kip. This small board is used to flip the coins into the air. The person who will take the kip and toss the coins is called the spinner.

Bets are placed with the boxer, who is the person who runs the game. The boxer never bets. There is a ringie who supervises the game as it's being played to make sure rules are followed. If the coin toss is bad, it's the ringie's job to catch them and place them back on the board.

The boxer will call "Come In Spinner" when bets have been placed and it's time for the coin toss. At this point, the coins are tossed over the head and allowed to fall to the ground without intervention.

Coins will land face up (heads) or face down (tails). If they land so that one is heads and one is tails, it's called "odds."

Where Can You Play 2Up

Most people play 2Up at home, pubs, or outdoor gatherings. It's a game that needs a small crowd in order to make the betting structure interesting.

While it's hard to find the 2Up game online, there are games that have the similar theme of chance. Games like Baccarat where you're betting on who will have the best hand are close. You'll find games of chance at many leading online casinos.