Round Up Week 50

We’re back with yet more new slot releases from several key software developers to take us further into December. Even with Christmas on the horizon, they’re not giving up on the new releases just yet. Could this be a strong end to what has been an exciting year in the world of slot games? We think so, and with 13 more releases to review this week, we’ve got plenty to share with you. Which of these sensational new games will you try this week?

Go for some Yak Yeti and Roll by Betsoft

This must surely be one of the highlights for the week. We have tried this game in demo mode already and it looks as if it will be a monster hit. It’s not a Christmas-themed slot, but it is a snow-filled slot – and it does include a yeti as one of the main characters.

Firstly, we should mention the quality of the game itself. The detailing is excellent, especially when the eskimo is pulled along below the reels by the yeti as you progress through the game. The idea is to achieve consecutive wins to get the pair further along the Bonus Trail. The paytable reveals which prizes you might find on that trail. There are 17 stops on it in all, with two stops required to start the prizes coming your way.

The further you go along the trail the better those prizes become. However, you can expect to look out for free games, multipliers, coin wins, and perhaps even 200x the triggering bet if you manage to reach the end of it. That would surely be something to celebrate. Look out for various gems on the trail… and remember, if you falter at one point and get a losing spin, it’s back to the beginning of the trail to try again. Never mind – the process of playing is fun enough in itself.

Open the Book of Oz with its respin feature from Triple Edge Studios

It is time to return to Oz to see what is happening there this time. We’ve visited this magical land with several software developers already. This time it is the turn of Triple Edge Studios to take a journey to this mystical land.

As you might expect, the whole game takes on a green hue which looks sensational as you play. There is a golden Oz book to find on the reels, along with some potions, and perhaps the man of Oz himself. The respin feature is made obvious by the RESPIN logo beneath each reel. If you get close to a win, an amount is shown beneath each reel that indicates how much it could cost you to respin that reel in the hope of winning a prize. Some players like this element – only you can decide whether you should use it or not. Consider your budget and your method of play before you begin and remember there is no guarantee that a respin would result in a prize.

Book of Oz has 10 lines and features the chance to win up to 5,000x your bet. There are expanding symbols, free spins, and the Book of Oz acts as a substitute for everything else. Yes, even the scatter in this case. Is that enough to trigger you to give this game a try? Many other people have been checking it out since its release on December 12th this year.

Will you tackle the Wild-o-Tron 3000 from NetEnt?

Any new release from NetEnt is going to be worth checking out. We got wind of this new release from them last week, and it finally dropped on December 12th. It sounds as if it should be set in the future, and it appears to show a series of robotic icons appearing in various positions on the reels. There is a mechanical look to the whole thing that makes it look very different from most of the other games we’re reviewing here this week.

The wild is worth looking for as it replaces everything else. It looks like a big silver ball with a blue W in the middle of it. The game also includes a Wild-o-Tron feature. This can happen prior to any spin of the reels in the main game. This could change between one and six robot icons into wilds before the spin begins. Look at the machine to the side of the reels, as this will light up accordingly.

There are seven robots you could create on the reels, each one split into three parts. There are also 20 lines to bet on across the five reels, meaning you could end up with several wins per spin if your luck holds. Wild-o-Tron 3000 might take a short while to get the hang of. However, it is already doing well in many online casinos and we expect that trend to continue thanks to its unusual elements.

Go for a Neo Spin on this new game from Fantasma Games

Released on December 11th, this game includes a clear paytable that shows us the low-value symbols (some Egyptian themed ones in there) and the high-value ones. It also has the pyramid symbol with an eye in the middle, which is a Prism Sticky Wild icon. You need to find one or more of these across the middle three reels to trigger the sticky wild feature.

The five-reel format looks good here – it has a futuristic look that makes sense of the Neo Spin title, we guess. There are just 10 paylines too, so this game will be ideal for anyone looking to keep their bets to a minimum while covering all the available lines. With different line combos shown on promotional screens, not to mention the chance of a multiplier or two as well, Neo Spin might give you more to enjoy than you would think.

The Sunset is here from STHLM Gaming

Ever heard of STHLM Gaming? It’s not the most common name around right now, so will the Sunset slot game release change that? We get to see a sunset image on a highway for the opening shot, but where will that image take us?

The game provides a five-reel format, but they have gone for 243 ways for you to win prizes rather than the usual payline idea. That’s just the main game though – if you reach the free spins feature you get another row of icons in action. This will max out the way wins to an incredible 1,024 ways to win. That makes this game more interesting than it might otherwise have been, we think you will agree.

There is no real background to speak of in this game. We get a vague impression of the highway we saw before. Perhaps the sun has almost set. There is a SUNSET logo on the reels, along with golden bells, a bar symbol appearing more like a street sign, and the usual letters and numbers. If you win the free spin feature, it will appear on a street sign above the highway, encouraging you to click anywhere to begin those spins. The design is nice and elevates this above what it might otherwise have been. Check out the Sunset slot today.

The Battle Royal is on at Play’n Go

Spotting several members of royalty when you start this game is not a surprise. However, you might just recognize the first guy as Henry the VIII, perhaps one of the most famous – or infamous – rulers in history. There are two women with him as well, so we hope they hold onto their heads!

The Battle Royal slot comes from Play’n Go and we think they’ve had some fun playing with this one. There is a free spin feature that includes the chance to see one of his wives get the chop – literally. Each reel has a guillotine above it, and one of the characters might just get the chop as we learned in history lessons. Before the free spins begin, you must select one of Henry’s six wives. If she manages to reach the end of the free spins with her head still attached to her body, you’ll win the prize associated with that queen. Each one is worth a different amount, with the larger rewards riskier and less likely to result from the round.

A quick peek at a bonus level shows the King looking for some treasure among the various chests shown in a locked dungeon. This is Long Live the King – will you find loot inside one of those chests if you reach this part of the game? A Royal Flush feature is another delight you might see on the reels, making good use of the four card suits you will see during play.

We love this game! It shows us the history of King Henry VIII and his six wives, and while it does go into the beheading element of that history, it does so in a way that isn’t gory. If you like historical slots, this one might be the one you’ve been waiting for. It is already proving popular and we can see why.

Red7 gives us a Battleship Direct Hit!

Do you recall playing Battleships? It is a simple yet effective game many people still appreciate today. So, will Battleship Direct Hit, the new slot game from Red7, give us something along those lines or will it be something totally different to check out?

This is certainly a refreshing change from the seasonal slots that always come out around this time of year (although we only have one remotely festive game to review this week). It also boasts 117,649 Megaways to win on, if you’re interested! The idea is to sink a ship to gain the chance to play some free spins, so it does bear a resemblance to the game you are used to.

All winning symbols in successful combinations will explode when they appear. This means new ones will appear and give you another chance to see if you can win something. The game works on a larger 6 x 7 grid, as you might have suspected given the huge number of potential ways to win here.

Battleship Direct Hit could see you win between five and 50 free spins depending on which ship you sink if you manage to achieve that aim. Those are indicated to the left of the reels. To the right, you’ll see four jackpot amounts to win too. Which of those might prove lucky for you, we wonder? Someone is going to win a big prize and there’s no way to tell who that might be.

Watch the grid above the reels to discover where the ships are. Will you manage to sink one and enjoy a few free goes on this slot? We hope so, as that is the aim of Battleship Direct Hit, which manages to be a huge success right out of the gate.

Spin Dizzy will make your head spin, courtesy of Realistic

Hmm, so what should we make of Spin Dizzy, the new game from Realistic this December? The opening title image tells us very little, except to show us a scene of a forest in fall. The game itself seems to take on a natural look too, with various floral and leafy icons to look out for. There are also circular symbols with various things inside them, including in one instance a pot of gold.

Spin Dizzy has a Jackpot icon displayed as the word alone with a leafy surround. A similar design is used for the wild icon. One screenshot shows two wilds in place and they are spinning, so we guess that is where the title comes from. The game also includes scatters. These can trigger a coin win or some Spinning Wilds Free Spins or possibly both, depending on how many you get. This game looks more unusual and might just manage to be more interesting than it would have been if we didn’t have those spinning wilds to look forward to. Will this one get you into a spin or will you love everything you see here?

Dragon & Knights is released by Merkur

The stage is set for some drama with this new slot from Merkur. Released on December 12th, Dragon & Knights shows the sizeable dragon breathing fire towards a series of buildings with turrets – the castle itself, perhaps?

With an RTP of just over 96%, Dragon % Knights takes us to a darkened place where lit candles flicker on the reels. The castle appears there too, along with a throne and various other icons. The dragon is wild, as is another character who looks to be wearing armor. They replace everything except for the scatter, as you’d suppose. There is another odd symbol that acts as a bonus icon. This only appears during the free spins if you manage to win them – and even then, only on reel three. Whenever it does show up, it will award you one extra free spin.

The game also includes two special positions – one on reel one and one on reel five. Each contains one of the two wild symbols. There is a free games meter in the game along with a multiplier meter. Every spin you make where one of the wilds appears in its own square means the relevant meter will climb by one position. How high will yours go if you manage to achieve your aim of winning some free spins with a huge multiplier?

Booming Games delivers VIP Filthy Riches

Should we expect to see lots of rich pickings on the reels of this game? Yes, we should because a golden vault, a boat, and a private plane are among the great icons that appear on the reels in VIP Filthy Riches. There is no way we could guarantee you might win such huge prizes, of course, but you never know whether there might be some nice slot prizes to be won instead.

The wild cufflinks are good to watch out for here, as is a multiplier value that could pop out of one of those vaults on the fifth reel. This is one of those games that looks quite formulaic until you play it. There are some features here that take it up a couple of notches.

That fifth reel is called the Multiplier Reel, with a choice of eight varying multipliers that could appear on it. These range from 2x to x50, and one might well be applied to a prize won across those reels if your luck is in. The scatter symbol also appears in the game as a champagne bottle. Three of these will trigger some Major Free Spins. We rather like the sound of that! With only 10 lines to play on, it’s worth giving this one a go to see how that Multiplier Reel works for you.

Stake Logic unleashes the Book of Cleopatra

Yes, Cleopatra is slated to make another appearance in this new game from Stake Logic (or Novomatic, if you prefer). This famous lady has appeared in numerous slots already, so you might view this new appearance as a risky one for Stake Logic. Are they covering ground we’ve already gone over numerous times, or will they find something new to treat us to?

The game screen looks good, with the usual mix of ancient Egyptian imagery in force. The icons are detailed too, although they have fallen back on the typical playing card values to cover the lower-value icons you might see here. Watch out for the Book of Cleopatra itself, as this is the wild and the scatter. Three of these will award you a scatter prize and some free games too.

If you get to the free spin feature, 10 free games will be awarded. These take place on different reels, where you might just benefit from some expanding symbols instead of the regular ones. Just one symbol is randomly chosen to be the expanding one for the free games. If it appears anywhere on the reels, that reel will become that symbol over its entire length. Five of them appearing on the reels will trigger 20,000x your bet amount. The game does include an option to buy the free games too, but only you can decide whether this is worth doing.

Will you go on another lucky streak with Endorphina in Lucky Streak 2?

The opening screen for Lucky Streak 2 tells us plenty about what we should expect from this game. For example, there is a huge red flaming seven surrounded by fruit, telling us we should expect lots of traditional symbols mixed up in this game.

Endorphina has gone for a bigger set of reels though, giving us a large 5 x 3 format here. However, there are only five lines, so this is a good one for those with smaller budgets to check out. You might guess the red seven can bring home the biggest riches and you’d be correct. Five of those on a line delivers 50,000x your bet. Hard to get though, as you would suppose. Meanwhile, the scatter is the gold star, so that is worth looking for too. Not much else to say about this one, except that it does have a gamble (or risk) feature if that is something you tend to look for in your slot games.

Meet the Victorious Vikings from ReelNRG

We would hope that we would be the victorious ones while playing this game from ReelNRG. Yet the game does offer lots of detail and a chance to meet four Vikings from the moment it begins. This one hit the casinos on December 10th, so it has had a chance to bed in and start appealing to fans.

Is there a lot of appeal here? We think so, with a darkened screen offering a bluish-silver theme and a 5 x 3 format to get to grips with. The Vikings will appear on those reels as you play, as will assorted other symbols. You may even see larger Vikings taking over 3 x 3 blocks. If they do this on the first three reels, some wins are guaranteed. There is a Cascading feature, a Viking Clone feature, a Victorious Vikings scatter, and some Colossal Free Spins to look forward to if you decide to play this one this December. Will the Victorious Vikings lead you to victory as well?

With so many great titles coming to the fore this week, it is difficult to pick a favorite. We would have to plump for Yak Yeti and Roll if we were forced to choose, but it is worth remembering all the other games released this week are also worth checking out. Where will you begin?