Fairy Tale Slots

You never need to look too far online to discover slots based around various famous fairytales. So, what should we expect when we encounter a slot simply called Fairy Tale? Will it cover several famous stories or just one?

The title holds a crucial clue for us, since this is not a fairytale slot per se, but rather one of a Fairy Tale. Get the difference? Let’s discover more.

Reels and lines

The game features five reels separated by vines, offering 20 lines to play on.

What could you bet on Fairy Tale slots?

You can bet from a cent to a dollar on each of the available lines. Furthermore, it is possible to wager one, two, three, four, five, or 10 coins on each line.

Does the game have special symbols?

Three fairies appear in the game, each worth a different amount. A sparkling diamond is used as the wild, replacing everything else if it is possible to secure a win by doing so.

The scatter is an unusual symbol designed from flowers and some gold. You’ll know it when you see it – apparently, it is a key.

Are there bonuses to trigger?

Three scatters will unlock the unlimited free games feature. of course, they are not guaranteed to last forever. Watch for the cages in this feature. There are four of them. The multiplier starts at 2x and rises by 1x every time you open a cage.

The idea is that you will continue to enjoy free games if there are cages still to be opened. When you open the fourth and final cage, the free games will end. The nature of this bonus means you never know how long the games will last. We love the varying multiplier element, not to mention the uncertainty of how many games you will win.

You cannot retrigger these without returning to the base game to do it though. The best bet is to focus on what is happening and to enjoy the ride!

Download and play the thrilling Fairy Tale slot now

Is this the kind of fairytale you enjoy hearing about? Fairy Tale from Endorphina is a refreshing game to play, filled with some new elements and lots of entertaining features. If you fancy a game based on fairies that takes you into an unusual free spins feature, this could be the one for you.