Wild Knights Vs Wild Knights Kings Ransom

Fancy meeting some Wild Knights Slots today? If so, we have two games here from Barcrest that are based on the wild knights’ premise. Will one of these prove better than the other or will they end up in a dead heat in our review?

Wild Knights

Load up this game and you’ll see it looks nothing like the game you might have expected. We saw a basic background – okay, it could be chainmail – but other than that it doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen before. Five reels and 10 lines are offered, with lots of standard letters and numbers appearing among the symbols.

However, the paytable tells you more. There are various scattered shields to find, along with knights and armor. There is a wild shield too, and this can substitute for everything apart from the scatter shields. There is also a Knight Times Bonus feature that includes a wheel packed with multiplier values and the potential to start some free spins with different quantities of lives. So, this game offers far more than you might suppose.

Wild Knights Kings Ransom

This game immediately looks more impressive than its predecessor. It has the same quantity of lines and reels, while you might also recognize some of the icons in play. There is once again a wild shield that replaces everything except for three versions of the scatter shield. These appear on the middle three reels of the game.

The difference comes in the bonus features. Two are randomly triggered after losing spins in the main game – the Gauntlet Bonus and the Wild Times Slots Bonus. Playing the Big Bet version of the game could trigger the Round Table Bonus instead. There is also a Pots Bonus and some free spins to be had.

Our verdict on the best of the two?

Both games look as if they are going to disappoint you when you get your first glimpse of them. However, when you start exploring the options, you will see they both offer far more than you might think.

For all that though, we guess the second game – Wild Knights Kings Ransom – is the better of the two. It has more bonuses involved and that for us is a major feature in any slot game. If you love bonuses as much as we do, we guess the Kings Ransom version of the game is the winner.