Big Froot Slots

Big Froot takes on an appearance rarely seen in online slot games today. The reason for this is simple. The game is pixelated. Far from being detailed and refined in presentation, Big Froot heads into the past to offer a game based on the earliest pixelated video games.

Even though much of the screen is filled with fruity icons – as you might guess given the name of this slot – the game itself is great fun.

Reels and lines

The game gives you five reels to spin and offers 25 paylines.

Coin values

If you like to begin with just one cent per line, you can do just that when playing Big Froot. The largest your coin size will stretch to is 25 cents apiece, making this a game for the lower-budget players.

Big Froot special symbols

There is a yeti to find in the Big Froot slot, and you will want to do just that. Why? Simply because he is wild. Relax, though – he seems friendly enough. If you manage to locate five yetis on a line you just placed a bet on, get ready to receive 5,000 coins in return. Wouldn’t that be cool?

The scattered face with a tooth showing is worth finding for a scatter prize too. You will need three or more to trigger this prize. However, while that one is a standard scatter, the gumball machine in pixelated form appears as a second scatter. This has a special feature associated with it.

Does the game include special features and bonuses?

The second scatter is arguably more important, as three, four, or five will give you eight, 12, or 15 free spins. If you manage to win some spins, you can look forward to double the usual prize amounts on offer whenever you win something.

Download Big Froot today and get ready to play

Anyone who is old enough to remember the classic video games of the Eighties will likely enjoy this one. Mind you, with Minecraft being a popular modern game that also uses pixelated images to get the attention, this one is also clearly aimed at modern slots players. Whatever you think of Big Froot, you cannot deny it is very appealing to look at and to play. It also provides a refreshing change from the many other more detailed games we are used to seeing around us today.