8 Lucky Charms Vs 8 Lucky Charms Xtreme

If you know anything about Chinese culture, you will know they view the number eight as a lucky number. You might therefore guess that 8 Lucky Charms and the second game, 8 Lucky Charms Xtreme, are both based on that very theme.

We cannot know for sure whether either game will be lucky for us. However, we can compare them to see which version we prefer. Will there be much difference between them?

8 Lucky Charms

We get treated to five reels and 50 lines whenever we play this game. The tiger’s head is wild and is marked as such, but you can also spot a wild dragon’s head on the reels. Three or four of these wilds will bring a 3x or 5x multiplier to the winnings if involved in the same winning line.

The dragon wild can extend to fill the whole of the third reel while in the free spin mode. Meanwhile, the lucky white cat must appear three times to reveal a choice of free spin features. The more spins you go for, the lower the multiplier for wins will be. Which way will you go?

8 Lucky Charms Xtreme

So, will the sequel be bigger and better than the original game? It certainly looks sparkling as it loads, with a green turtle sitting atop some gold coins. We still get the tiger wild and the white cat for the free spins here. Watch out too for the dragon’s head wild.

One thing that becomes obvious from the moment you begin to play is the added level of detail in this game. Much of the features are the same, but the design is maxed out to give you the most impressive results. Indeed, that is the extreme nature of the sequel. While the first one is good to play, this one is even better thanks to the improved design.

Our verdict – which game did we prefer?

The game you select as your favorite will likely depend on your preferences. Do you like simpler games that do not look as complex? If you prefer more detailed imagery, the second version will be the one for you.

Either way, both games feature some excellent elements and winning possibilities. You can play them in demo mode too, which means everyone can enjoy the fun and games regardless of budget.