Round Up Week 1

Moving from the old year into the new one can be a huge change for many of us. While it often means we say goodbye to the festive slot games, we also get the chance to explore lots of new territory.

We’re about to review the titles – 13 of them, unlucky for some, perhaps – that were released during the last days of 2018 and the first few days of January 2019. Will any of these excite you as we go into the dark days of the first month of the year?

There is a Jumbo Stampede coming from iSoftBet

If there was a Stampede Slots coming your way, you’d get out of the way quickly, right? Well, you may not want to if you decide to play the Jumbo Stampede game from iSoftBet . Jumbo is, of course, a reference to elephants, and they can appear en masse in this game too. If you are in the free spins game, you can expect to see the elephant head appearing… and triggering wins even if they do not appear consecutively on the reels. That is useful to know, as is the fact you can win further free games for just two or more scatters.

The game itself is unusual in that it occurs over six reels. You don’t often see that happening, so this makes life more interesting. Since the game uses way wins instead of paylines, there is a chance to win up to 4,096 ways per spin.

Apart from elephants appearing in this game, you also get the chance to see leopards, zebras, and antelopes – all drawn in fine style and appearing in colorful format. Obviously, there is the chance to win bigger prizes as you could get six of a kind above the usual five of a kind limit. Wilds can appear over the middle four reels, while the scatters can grant you up to 50 free spins. That sixth reel certainly earns its keep.

Blueprint reveals the Tridentia slot game

So… what does Tridentia mean, exactly? Tri means three, of course, and a trident – a three-pronged pitchfork of sorts – appears in the title image. But what does Tridentia hold in store for us?

If you guessed the game might take us beneath the waves, you were certainly right in thinking that. Aside from the blue sea behind the five reels, you get lots of icons appearing on a mosaic background. The coins and Dolphins Slots look very nice when drawn like this. Of course, the god with the trident will appear in this game too and can do so as a full-height symbol. His wild nature sure will come in handy if he decides to appear.

He can appear and grant you some free spins too, and if this should occur, he will upgrade certain symbols within the game. Could those free spins be the key to winning bigger prizes in the new Tridentia game?

NetEnt invites you to Turn Your Fortune

How can you turn a fortune, you might ask? That was our first question too. It is a curious title but one that intrigues as well. Turn Your Fortune comes to us from NetEnt – their first big release for the New Year. It has very quickly become a hugely popular game, even though it has only been available to play for a few short days at the time of writing.

The game offers a five-reel format with four symbols appearing per reel. However, on the left of the reels, there is another column with various segments on it. This has a lock at the bottom. You also get a pink butterfly as the wild and a peacock as the scatter.

You can win free spins in this game and work towards collecting certain symbols as well. The more symbols you get, the bigger your fortune can become. There are keys too, with each one granting you a fortune turn. This relates to the column we already mentioned. Suffice to say there is much more to this slot game than to many others we have seen. You can always rely on NetEnt to deliver something you have never seen before. Make sure you put this on your list of slots to try in 2019.

There is a Royal Rhino on the way from High 5 Games

You will see the titular rhino when the game loads for you to play. High 5 Games has managed to put together a good slot here based around this animal. Animals have been used many times in online slots, so will this be another one to add to the good pile?

We do get a larger screen than we might expect. Five reels are standard, but we get four icons per reel here. The rhino can appear, as you might expect it to, but there are other animals alongside the usual mix of letters. There is a gold coin featuring the head of a rhino, and this is used as a free games trigger.

There is a wild too, not to mention various icons appearing with amounts on them, such as 32k and 16k. Could that be a clue to the potential number of coins available to be won while playing Royal Rhino? Only time will tell – and perhaps a free go of the practice version of the slot.

Medusa’s Curse… should we beware this new slot game from Top Trend Gaming?

Yes, the woman with snakes writhing around for hair is back! This time she comes to us from Top Trend Gaming. She does look happy in the main image for the game, and we guess it is safe to play without being turned to stone. We hope so, anyway.

The game includes Perseus Spins and the chance to enjoy some expanding wilds if you get some respins. While the game offers a simple 5 x 3 format, it gives you Medusa Slots as the wild and the opportunity to go for a Shield Bonus as well. Medusa only appears over the middle three reels, but when she does so, she can substitute everything except for the scatter and the shield. When you reach the Perseus Spins mode, there is a chance to win more spins there too. Maybe Medusa isn’t so bad after all… not in the context of this game, anyway.

The next Age of the Gods slot is here – Mighty Midas is released by Playtech

Everyone has heard of King Midas – the king whose touch turned everything to gold. While that sounds like a good skill to have, he came unstuck using it. So, where will this slot game lead us? Will it turn out to be another good release in the Age of the Gods series from Playtech ?

This series of games has long since been popular, so it was perhaps understandable that King Midas would appear sooner or later. You get the chance to scoop up to 8,650x your bet in this game, so it is worth taking for a spin for that reason alone.

The five reels are filled with various characters and symbols, some of which have the power to take over more than one position when they appear. You have 40 lines to try and find prizes on here as well. There are Midas Touch symbols which can turn other symbols into golden wilds. You might also be able to benefit from some Midas Multipliers.

Perhaps the highlight of this slot game is the scatter, shown as a golden circle inside which is a hexagon divided into five separate colors. Each color relates to a different version of the free spin feature. You could win an Emerald Bonus, some Amber Spins, Ruby Spins, Sapphire Spins, or Amethyst Spins. Where will you go if you get this far?

iSoftbet unleashes some Imperial Wealth

Wouldn’t we all love to snag some Imperial Wealth? It would be lovely, but what awaits us if we decide to play this game? Well, there are some amazing images included in this slot game. Many of them are based on golden trophies and iconic elements often seen in Oriental slots. There is a wild too, shown in jade and appearing on all the reels – sometimes stacked, too.

Watch out for the circular icon marked as a bonus symbol, as three or more will get you into a picking round to determine how many free games you will win. There are multipliers and other special elements involved there too, so it is a good feature to unlock if you can. It also means you never know how your free spin feature will pan out. It is one of the determined highlights of the Imperial Wealth slot.

It’s time for some Pinata Bucks from Incredible Technologies

This is far from the first time the pinata theme has been used in a slot game. So, does Incredible Technologies have something different to offer us? We can see a brightly-colored donkey appearing on the steps of a Spanish street in the opening image. There are flags flying, so maybe it’s someone’s Birthday Slots . That’s where these pinatas are usually broken open, right?

This game is bigger than you might think, too. It offers eight reels in all, using a 3-3-4-4-4-4-3-3 formation. The middle four reels have the ReelFecta element you might have seen in other games from this developer. We recommend you read through all the instructions and try the demo game before making any proper bets on this one. Chances are you will be delighted to play the real version, but at least you can figure out how everything works before you get that far.

In case you were wondering, the game offers a huge 1,296 ways to win. The sunset with cacti in the image is the wild, while the donkey pinata is the bonus symbol. We can reveal the chance to collect pinata scatters and to benefit from giant pinata symbols too. And that is just the beginning…

Merkur Gaming launches the new Silverbird slot

If there wasn’t a silver bird included in the promotional image for this new game from Merkur Gaming , we would be surprised. Fortunately, there is, and there is a lot to enjoy here as well. Sadly, most of the symbols appearing in this game are merely of the fruity nature. Perhaps the theme didn’t readily suggest lots of other alternatives that could have been used.

However, a bird of sorts might appear as the substitute in the game, replacing everything else that could appear too. There does not seem to be a scatter involved here. If you do get the wild appearing, a respin feature will trigger. The wild can appear over the entire reel too, which is another piece of good news to remember. While this is far from the most complex game released for the end of 2018, it might be the perfect antidote to the festive ones we have all been playing just lately.

Kings of Vegas lands from Blueprint Gaming

With a title like this one, you can be sure there is a gambling and casino theme in action here. Kings of Vegas features cards, casino chips, a roulette wheel, and some champagne… maybe in case you manage to score some wins.

This game may not be the most exciting one you have ever seen but hold on. It features many more elements than first glance might suggest. You will be able to upgrade certain features of the game if you get a bonus card, so watch out for those. It would be good to be a VIP, that’s for sure. There are also potential modifiers to benefit from on any spin.

Look for Reel Kicker, Kings Respin, Super Nudges, and Drinks on the House. Anything could happen on your next spin in this game, which makes Kings of Vegas a true delight to play. Don’t take our word for it though – if you get the chance to take this game for a free spin, make sure you do so. It is the best way to figure out what lies in store for you.

Bling In the New Year with High 5 Games

Every New Year brings with it one or two games that take advantage of the changing date. This year, we have Bling In the New Year from High 5 Games. This five-reel slot brings with it images of people celebrating the calendar change. You will also see some celebratory fireworks among other things. Check out the free games icon too.

The best elements of this game include stacked wilds and the chance to take advantage of some split icons too. If you haven’t played a game featuring those before, now is your chance to change things. You might just like what you see!

Rely on Stake Logic to unleash the Grand Slam Jackpot Deluxe slot

Think of Grand Slams and you might think of tennis. However, this new title from Stake Logic (Novomatic) that was released on Christmas Slots Eve contains no tennis-themed icons at all. It does contain lots of fruit though, which will appear over the five reels of the new game. These reels are spread out, so the game looks bigger than it is. However, you will get nine lines to bet on during play.

The GS symbol is the most important one to remember in this game. Finding three, four, or five of them in view will win a mystery prize, with multipliers getting increasingly larger the more symbols you find. Watch out for Superbet mode and how this affects the mystery wins. The paytable reveals more. Think of this as a standard slot game with classic symbols and a few twists in store.

AGames is the developer for the new Spy Girls slot game

Will you bring your A-game to this slot game? AGames hopes you do, revealing three girls ready to become Spy Girls according to the first image we see. Those ladies appear on the five reels of the game and can do so in full height format too. This is the equivalent of stacked symbols, so it is nice to see. Did we mention they are wilds as well? No? Well, now you know!

If you manage to find three scattered spies on the reels, you will be rewarded by receiving 10 free games. If this trigger occurs during the free games themselves, you will win a further five games. With 20 lines to wager coins on and no other notable features, this is a nice standard slot with a couple of interesting elements in it.

There are some cool titles there, we think you will agree – and not a Christmas-themed slot among them! The couple of weeks over the festive season tend to be quieter in terms of new releases, but as we have seen here, we’ve still got some good titles to try out early in 2019. Will you be trying any of these today? Perhaps there are one or two that stand out among the rest. If so, you could spend a few moments exploring the options they provide you with.