7s to Burn Slots

Are you in the mood to play a classic slot with a difference? You might think that is a contradiction in terms, but we’ve encountered a slot game that fits this description. You’ll see what we mean when you load up 7s to Burn, a slot from Barcrest that features a flaming good background!

Reels and lines

There are three reels to contend with in this game. These will provide you with five paylines, which are fixed in their positions. The game offers a 3 x 3 grid to play on.

Choose from these coins

Get going from just a cent per line here. Alternatively, if you want to play the biggest bet of the lot, go for a $50 spin bet.

7s to Burn special symbols

Burning sevens would fit in nicely in a slot called 7s to Burn, wouldn’t they? Two of them appear here as a wild symbol, shown with flames behind them. However, it only substitutes for the two regular sevens shown together in another icon. You will also see regular symbols that give you stars, bells, and bar symbols, as well as some assorted fruit.

Are there bonus features involved as well?

Not as such, but you do get the chance to play some Hi Roller Spins if you prefer. This requires a bigger bet, as you might guess. It also means you must commit to five spins with one bet.

However, there is another perk to doing this. If you go down this route, the wild sevens icon mentioned above will now be wild for everything else instead of just the regular sevens. That means you get a better chance of some wild wins. However, you will also get reduced payouts whenever those wins occur, as seen in the paytable. It is an odd mix, so do read the paytable carefully before you decide how to play this game.

Download and try your luck with the 7s to Burn slot today

7s to Burn clearly differs from many other great games around today. This is a basic slot with a few twists, mainly the one involving the wild and how wild it will prove to be. If you are keen to try something different, this one might be worth a go. However, if you don’t want to play the additional bet on each set of five spins, you may be better looking elsewhere.