Asian Themed Slot Game

The number eight is thought to be lucky in some parts of the world. Asian countries tend to be included in that. Whether you think the number is lucky or not, you can expect it to crop up a lot in Asian-themed slot games.

But how could this be done? We’ve looked at several games and discovered three main ways the number can appear.

It could be a multiplier

We’re all familiar with multipliers. Normally, they fall into the 2x to 5x realm of multipliers. However, in Asian games you do occasionally get the chance to benefit from an 8x multiplier. This doesn’t always occur, and it can crop up less often than smaller multipliers.

However, you might also see it in the paytable for achieving certain combinations to win prizes. Three icons might bring 8x your bet, while four might bring 88x your bet. You get the idea.

It could relate to the number of lines or ways to win that are in play

This is another common element you might see. Eight or 88 paylines are a possibility in some slots. Others go for way wins and they could produce 888 Slots ways to win prizes if you are lucky. Check out some Asian-themed slots today and see how many adhere to this idea.

It could relate to the quantity of free spins you could win

Another great feature loved by many players, free spins are ideal for prolonging a game without paying for the spins themselves. If you win them, you might find you are given eight free games. Some might even give you the chance to win up to 88 free games. It all depends on the individual game, although 88 freebies would certainly be good to have in our book!

While you are not guaranteed to find the number eight factoring into every slot game you can think of, you will find it cropping up a lot. Any Oriental-themed slot stands a chance of shoehorning it in somehow. And since the number eight can be profitable for you when used as a multiplier, it’s good to see it when it does appear.

Will you manage to get the best out of your foray into Asian-themed slots by finding the ones that make the best of this number? If it does prove lucky, you’ll be glad you read about it here.