Demi Gods Vs Demi Gods 2

The gods of Norse and Greek mythology appear in countless slot games. Spinomenal has been drawn into this theme too, creating two games based on the gods. Demi Gods and its sequel, Demi Gods 2, are both worth a shot if you are keen to try them. But is one better than the other?

Demi Gods

The first game uses a striking design that may be in 2D but certainly catches the attention. Each of the icons appears in a square frame within the 5 x 3 set of reels. A hooded figure is used as a wild, and Poseidon appears as a free spin icon. Artemis appears too, with a bow and arrow, and is used as a scatter icon.

The feature reel – an extra reel on top of the main five – is perhaps the most appealing part of this game. This can unlock one of seven features within the Demi Gods slot. With 25 lines to try and secure prizes on, you never know what is coming next.

Demi Gods 2

So, can the sequel offer something even better than the original game? The first thing you will spot is the different presentation of the game. We still have five reels, but this time the blocky look of the game gives way to detailed imagery that is far removed from the original slot. We also get double the number of lines at 50 this time.

The wild appears in different forms and we also get win multipliers… with wings. There is also a free spins journey to go on. Each time the round is triggered, you will progress to the next area on the map shown in the paytable. It makes for something very different to enjoy each time.

Our verdict – which game did we prefer?

This is a hard choice to make. We would prefer the second game because of the quality of its graphics, but it would be difficult to discount the first one. The original game still looks very good, just in a different way. It also has lots of bonus elements to enjoy, so we would recommend both, to be honest.

You might find one is going to be preferable to the other, but once you try them you will see and understand how difficult our decision has been. Which would you pick if you had to choose just one?