Pool Shark Slots

Hmm, so what kind of pool are we talking about here? Are we talking about the game of pool or a swimming pool? A pool shark is a hustler, but since this is a slot game you just never know what you might be faced with. Will Habanero show us a shark with a pool cue or head in a different direction? Whatever we see, this looks set to be an interesting game.

Quantity of reels and win lines

There are five reels ready to get spinning with in this game. You will also notice 25 lines to bet on.

Coins to play with

You can only wager one coin per line, which must be between 0.50 and 10 in value.

Pool Shark special symbols

This game does indeed revolve around both sharks and the game of pool. That means it won’t be a huge surprise to notice a shark as the wild symbol. We guess all sharks can be quite wild, whether they play pool or not.

Anyways, the shark can substitute for other symbols appearing in the game. Only the black pool ball cannot be subbed by this. You might suppose the pool ball is the scatter, and you’d be right.

What about bonus features?

If you would like to play your way through 12 free spins, you can do so with the aid of three scattered pool balls. There is a neat multiplier feature attached to this game. The first three spins are given a 2x multiplier for anything won. The next set of three spins get a 3x multiplier. From there, each set of three spins sees the multiplier increase by 1x. That means the final set of three games will receive a 5x multiplier. Watch closely to see whether you can garner any big wins from this intriguing feature. It certainly makes a regular free spin feature way more interesting than it would normally be, right?

Download Pool Shark and take it for a spin today

Pool Shark is a refreshing entry into the animal-themed slot game area. It also marries the sharks with a sport, albeit not the most physical one around. As such, this is an entertaining if unusual game – and that is always a good combo to find in our book. If you want to do battle with the pool sharks, you know this could be the game to make it happen.